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listing prices of products

The listing prices of all products on Hsiu Hsiu Shop official website are the same as those at our all physical stores.

The official website is an online store which does not offer any piercing services. Hence, the displayed prices on the website are NOT including piercing fees as well as services.

Please note that the price of most our earrings on the official website is one piece. If you need a pair, please select the quantity to 2.

When you come to Hsiu Hsiu Shop's physical stores and choose Piercing Service, we charge certain piercing fee for special ear piering, belly piercing, tongue piercing, all the other parts of body piercing etc.

< The piercing fee includes: Sterile Piercing Needles, Sterile Gloves, Disposable Consumables, the Craft of Piercer etc. >

All of our physical stores have the unified price list or product price label.

If you have any questions, please consult with the piercer before piercing. 

Thank you!